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What is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and how can it help?

By Matthew Griggs

This is the question I am often asked when people find out I am a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist, often quickly followed by will you “make me cluck like a chicken”! Well the answer to the second question is very definitely no, in fact modern clinical hypnotherapy couldn’t be further removed from the theatrical performances you may have seen at a theatre or on television.
I offer a free initial consultation, which lasts between 40 to 60 minutes so that I can properly answer the first question above, however in general terms this is the answer:

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

brings together the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience, Solution Focused Brief Therapy techniques, and hypnosis. Our understanding of the human brain gives us insights into how and why we can sometimes find ourselves with problems in life. The human brain evolved over millions of years and some of its most ancient parts served to help our ancestors survive in very hostile environments; the fact that you are reading this is testament to how well your ancestors adapted and survived for tens of thousands of years! Unfortunately, sometimes in our modern world, these inbuilt survival mechanisms can work against us, but once we have a clear understanding of how the various parts of the brain work, we can utilise this to change our thoughts and unwanted behaviours.

One very common issue is anxiety

this can manifest itself because of one
problems (or events) that throw us off course, or it can build up over many months or years. Eventually after struggling along for a while, something will have to give, we often see this when we suffer with problems such as: sleep- related issues, over-eating (weight control), issues with anger, drinking too much, IBS and/or OCD among others . Using Solution Focused Brief Therapy techniques we are able to tackle the issues related to: anxiety/negative thinking/ruminating on the past and/or projecting our fears and insecurities into the future. This is a dynamic, interactive and positive process that allows us to break free from negative patterns of behaviour, it also frees our minds so that we can consider how we want our lives to develop over time in a positive, focused way.
Hypnotherapy is used to harness the power of our unconscious mind, allowing it to access all available resources, concentrating them on the work that needs to be done. Unlike some hypnotists seen on TV and in films, it is not necessary to induce a deep trance state to achieve therapeutic goals, on the contrary we work to achieve a relaxed natural “trance like” state through relaxation techniques. Customers often comment that it is the best half an hour of their week and that they look forward to getting lost in this wonderful dreamy state.
I also teach self-hypnosis and other techniques, where appropriate, which can be very helpful for increasing confidence, reducing nerves, modifying mood and even improving skills for sports people.

Fears & Phobias

are tackled using various techniques, including Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). These are employed by many hypnotherapists simply because they are so effective; in my experience no one needs to suffer with a fear or phobia that impacts upon their lives. It is also worth dispelling the old myth that you have to face your fears to overcome them, this again is for the celebrity hypnotist as it makes good television. However I have been told a number of stories (after the event) where clients have picked up that spider etc. The customer is surprised and pleased but of course once the fear or phobia has gone it is just a small helpless insect!

To find out more or book a free initial consultation

At Dorchester Yoga and Therapy Centre please go to Matthew’s website and complete a contact form or call me on 07546 069756 and I will be happy to discuss any specific issues or answer any questions you may have.