March 2017 newsletter

Welcome to our March newsletter. It is officially Spring with all the excitement of the warm weather and spring flowers, and lighter evenings. As always we have lots of exciting workshops and courses on offer and we hear from Sarah Burt, our Naturopath as part of our monthly focus on the therapists.

As ever, please check out the studio calendar and classes pages on the website for more details. There are workshops and monthly classes below.

Best wishes from Sharon and all the teachers and therapists at the centre.

Therapist focus: Sarah Burt nd

In 1996 I started studying Naturopathy in Sydney and have been  practicing ever since.

I was drawn to Naturopathy because in essence it simply means ‘Nature Cure’, and the study of it involves looking at many different modalities that are natural and that can help a person on their journey to wellness.

In most of these cases people have tried all avenues of conventional medicine, and are just not getting any closer to feeling or getting better.  From as early as the age of 20 when I was diagnosed with Polycystic ovarian syndrome, a condition for which I was told there was no reason for and no cure for, it struck me as an unbelievable prognosis. My reasoning told me that there must be a beginning and an end to a condition that I had not been born with! I started to investigate all avenues of alternative treatments to heal this condition, which is where my curiosity about using diet, herbs and lifestyle to cure paid off and I was suddenly clear of this condition. I decided then that I needed to study as a Naturopath so I could help other people like me, that were unwell and did not know that there may be natural ways to combat their illnesses, due to a lack of information available out there regarding alternatives to modern medicine.

Since qualifying, and then working, I have had so many occasions when over and over again it has been confirmed that most diseases and illnesses happen for a reason. Generally there are warning signs that our bodies are out of balance and struggling, and if we could recognise these early warning signs we would be able to prevent most chronic forms of disease.

But we have to know our bodies. One of the tools I use to assess the weakened areas in a body is Iridology. This is when patterns, colours, and other characteristics of the iris can be examined to determine information about a patient’s systemic health. Practitioners match their observations to iris charts, which divide the iris into zones that correspond to specific parts of the human body. Iridologists see the eyes as “windows” into the body’s state of health.

I use iridology on all the people I see to alert them to these weakened areas and then through diet and herbal tonics I am then able to advise how to strengthen these areas to prevent illness from occurring.
I strongly believe that any condition people present with is a condition that need not be there and my aim is to get as many people as I can using simple methods to rid themselves of illness.  I recently wrote and published a book called ‘Getting healthy in 7 simple steps’ which summarises these very important but simple ways we can all get back the health we are all entitled to.

If you have any health issues what so ever that you are concerned about, please get in touch with me as I would like to help.

See Sarah’s profile for more information and contact

March Events and Workshops


Breathing and Yoga Nidra with Sharon Cox-Button

Silent Yoga with Leanne Jones and Shush Events

Yoga, with the use of headphones, connects you more intimately with the teacher. It enables you to have a deep focus in and out of the postures as you are drawn away from external distractions. Just feel the rhythm of your own breath alongside the soothing background music coming through the headphones.

Mindful Self-Compassion with Karen Duarte

Mindfulness drop-in with Jem Shackleford

Dorset Women’s week

To celebrate Dorset Women’s week we are offering 2 classes:

Well Woman Yoga with Sian Alcock

Creative Woman with Magdalena Atkinson and Fiona Heckels

Gong Bath with our Kundalini teacher Arianna Moretti

Yoga and the Chakras with Isabelle Taylor

Introductory Alexander Technique Course with Liz Watson

Mini First Aid with Sue Fisher

Shakti Dance with Magdalena Atkinson

Due to popular demand Susan Phoenix is starting a monthly class on a Sunday mornings:

Meditation and Past Life Regression

Alignment Flow with Victoria Boast

Reiki Share with Karen Giles

Looking ahead to April


Yoga Sutras with Sarah Ryan

Just Breathe: Transformational Breath Introductory Workshop with Nichola Motley

Sound and Yin Yoga Workshop with Dominique Preston

Spring Clean Your Digestive System using Yoga and Herbs with Sharon Cox-Button and Sarah Burt