Therapist Jane Collison

Jane Collison photoHi, I’m Jane Collison and I’m really excited to join the team of therapists at DYTC.

I offer Systematic Kinesiology, Meridian Aromatherapy Massage and Nutritional Therapy.

I work with high-quality, food-state nutritional supplements, essential oils, Bach flower remedies, herbal extracts and other natural remedies to create balance where it’s needed so your body and mind can return to great health.

I’m totally passionate about helping people improve their health. I started studying natural therapies in 1995 and I haven’t stopped since. I first practised and taught Aromatherapy and I had my own health food shop and essential oil business. Recently, Kinesiology has helped me so much with my own health that I just had to share its amazing techniques with other people.

I have always been a ‘foodie’. I’ve lived in France for a number of years and I’m coeliac. I’m a big fan of the Paleo or hunter-gatherer way of eating, and I have a lot of knowledge and personal experience of preparing naturally gluten, grain and dairy-free meals. I teach Cook for Health workshops and support clients through dietary changes with recipes and recommendations.

More about Jane:

Please call me on 07961 184753 or email me for more information about how I could help you with your health. I hope to meet you soon!