Therapist Darren Oyston Massage

Much of my working life was in the stressful corporate world of ever increasing pressure and deadlines. Over the years this not only impacted my body with tight muscles leading to headaches, discomfort, and difficulty in sleeping, but also affected my emotional wellbeing and left me with little energy to cope with additional stresses. I’ve always had a passion for massage and the range of benefits it can provide, so when I reached a point where I had to make a positive change in my life I again looked towards massage. This led me to train formally as a holistic massage therapist to do something that will make a positive difference to the lives of others.

I understand how our busy lives can have an impact on our minds and bodies, whether it’s tight, sore muscles, or the inability to switch off to relax. Holistic massage can be so beneficial as it enables me to work with my clients as a whole and propose a massage plan that is going to focus on their physical, emotional, and energetic needs. I’ve worked with a number of clients that have been anxious about taking the step towards having a massage, so I’m particularly keen on making massage accessible to as many people as possible.

I have recently made the move to Dorset and I’m excited to be able to work from the Dorchester Yoga & Therapy Centre. To mark this step I am offering new clients a discount off my normal charges until the end of 2017. This applies to my one-off charges as well as any block payments made this year to be carried forward into 2018.