February 2019 newsletter

Welcome to our February newsletter. Brrrrrr it’s cold outside, but the studios are toasty and we have lots of events for you to choose from in our busy month ahead.

We have our usual visiting yoga teachers offering their wonderful workshops:

  • Twists with Zoe Knott
  • Acro yoga with Chris Clayton-Jones
  • Shakti dance with Magdalena Atkinson
  • Leanne Jones is back from India and so we have our monthly XL Jivamukti classes back

yoga mats on the floorWe are excited to welcome Cheree Low. She is an Iyengar teacher from East Dorset who I hope will be offering us some regular Iyengar yoga workshops.

And a new course from one of our newer and very experienced teachers, Toni Roberts: Yoga Therapy for the Mind. You can talk to Toni confidentially to find out if this course may be able to help you to achieve a positive mental well-being.

We have two new workshops from experienced practitioners in their own fields:

  • Daoist Yoga from Kung Fu teacher Robert Joyce; an interesting fusion of Yoga and Martial Arts (this is a one off so if you are interested, book as it won’t be repeated!)
  • Body Dialogue with Trilby Fairfax; a chance to really go inside and listen and explore your body in a unique way.

On the therapeutic side of things, for families, we would like to welcome

  • Corinne Lukomski offering Hypnobirthing Classes
  • Michele Carter-Grogan offering Toddler Behaviour Classes
  • Rowena Gledhill offering baby Reflexology Classes

Lots there for the family!

If you are struggling with your New Year Resolutions for a healthy new approach to life we have a great team of therapists to help you:

As ever, the details are below and in the calendar – please check it!

Enjoy the month with the snowdrops and daffodils peeping up and beckoning the new Spring,

With best wishes from Sharon and all the teachers and therapists at Dorchester Yoga and Therapy Centre

Classes, Courses and Workshops: February


Breathing and Yoga Nidra with Sharon Cox-Button

Hypnobirthing Course with Corinne (NEW)

Yoga Sutras with Sarah Ryan

Shakti Dance with Magdalena Atkinson

Vedic Chanting Course with Sarah Ryan (NEW)

Mindfulness Drop-In with Jem Shackleford

RajaDhiraja Yoga with Jez Culley

Exploring Twists with Zoe Knott

Jivamukti XL with Leanne Jones

Daoist Yoga Workshop with Robert Joyce

Acro Yoga with Chris Clayton-Jones

One Day Massage Course with Jane Collison

Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra with Sharon Cox-Button

Qoya with Vikki Smisek

Sound Space Meditation with Chrissy Foster

Body Dialogue with Trilby Fairfax

RajaDhiraja Yoga with Jez Culley

A Morning of Iyengar Yoga with Cheree Low

Alignment Flow with Victoria Boast

Crystal Healing Workshop with Sakhmet’s Care

Yoga Therapy for the Mind Course with Toni Roberts (NEW)

6 week Baby Massage Course (NEW)


Looking forward to March

Monthly Yoga For Back Care (NEW)