September 2019 newsletter

Welcome back after the summer break, we hope you have had a wonderful summer and enjoyed the great outdoors, both here in our beautiful Dorset and maybe further afield. As usual at this time of year we like to share photos of yoga in more unusual places and surroundings, here are a selection:


Excuse our slightly longer newsletter this month as we have lots of news about all the wonderful classes, courses and workshops on offer this Autumn.

As ever, the details are below and in the calendar – please check it!

With best wishes from Sharon and all the teachers and therapists at Dorchester Yoga and Therapy Centre

New weekly classes this autumn

Yin Yoga class with Chrissie Haskett

Teen Yoga Class with Kim Jones

Beginners Ashtanga Vinyasa class with Kim Mackie

Jazmin Velasco is back after her Summer break, with a change of day:

Tai Chi with Jazmin Velasco

New courses starting in September

Finding Stillness with Marj Snape

There is a welcome, modern day resurgence of interest in meditation and techniques for calming and stilling the mind. Furthermore there is  growing evidence of the benefits of these practices for our mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.  Christine Feldman, teacher and author, describes meditation as “ A direct response to the universal desire for oneness, wisdom and freedom”. Soygal Rinpoche, a famous Buddhist teacher says that “The gift of learning to meditate is the greatest gift you can give yourself in this life”.

A meditator myself for over 15 years I have designed the course “Exploring Stillness” as an introduction to meditative techniques and have been offering it at the Yoga Centre over the last 2 years. We look at introductory techniques , explore different traditions and how you can develop an easy daily practice. There are a range of sitting positions available, including using chairs and the course is suitable for complete beginners as well as those with some experience looking to refresh their practise.

Foundation in Kinesiology with Jane Collison

We offer the only Foundation Training course in Dorset certificated by The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology and accredited by the Association of Systematic Kinesiology. This course is for those who want to:

  • Massively improve their own health
  • Help family and friends with their health
  • Go on to train to become professional Systematic Kinesiologists
  • Add muscle-testing and other kinesiology techniques to their existing therapy work
  • Have fun learning about natural health with like-minded people


Babies and Children

All our usual babies’ and childrens’ courses start back after the holidays:

Postpartum Pelvic Floor and Core Recovery with Kim Jones

Parenting Course with Marie-Clare Buckle

After School Yoga Club (5-9) with Kim Jones

Mother and Baby Yoga with Sharon Cox-Button

Baby Massage with Sharon Cox-Button

Pre-teen Yoga with Kim Jones

Mini First Aid with Sue Fisher

Baby Reflexology with Rowena Gledhill


Rebecca Shalts joined our team of therapists back in the early Summer, and was part of our Natural Health Open Day and our team at Holistic Zone at the Dorset Fest.

Rebecca Shalts with her son in a fieldRebecca trained in Reflexology at The Bayly School in London in 2005, and has since completed specialist training in Maternity Reflexology and Reflexology through Cancer treatment and beyond. She is also studying Naturopathic nutrition which is the use of whole and organic foods as medicine, and is currently in her second year.

Rebecca discovered the world of natural therapies after suffering with chronic digestive issues and stress related symptoms.

The use of food as medicine and Reflexology was particularly beneficial through this time, and also through both of her pregnancies. She became so inspired by her healing journey that she decided to retrain so that she could inspire and support others with theirs.

After having time at home with her children, her holistic business was finally set up in 2014 and she has enjoyed working with clients from her home treatment space and as part of a multi disciplinary team around the Dorset area since then.

She is a devoted mum of two who is passionate about running, yoga, food and living the coastal life with friends and family.

Monthly Classes and Workshops: September

Mindfulness Drop-In with Jem Shackledford

Breathing and Yoga Nidra with Sharon Cox-Button

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali with Sarah Ryan

Sound Space Meditation with Chrissy Foster

Iyengar Yoga Workshop with Cheree Low

Yoga Nidra with Sian Lalita Alcock

Jivamukti XL with Leanne Jones

Gong Bath with Arianna Puran Udini

The Art of Deep Self Care with Sian Lalita Alcock

Reiki Share with Chrissie Haskett

Chakra Workshop with Jez Culley

Alignment Flow with Victoria Boast

Spectrum, Voice and Colour Workshop with Michelle Nova

New courses starting in October

8 Week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course (MBSR) with Jem Shackleford

8 Week Course Yoga Therapy For the Mind with Toni Roberts