October 2022 Newsletter

We have just celebrated the Autumn equinox.

The autumnal equinox as defined by astronomers usually occurs between September 22nd and 24th, the time when the sun is directly over Earth’s equator. This means everyone across the globe gets a day and night lasting approximately 12 hours each. For the Northern Hemisphere, the September equinox marks the first day of autumn. On the other side of the equator, the Southern Hemisphere, the Autumnal equinox marks the onset of spring.

equinox in sky with lines of sun movement

On the day of the equinox observers all over the globe will see the sun rise from the direction of due east and set in the direction of due west.

Astrologer Pam Gregory says equinoxes cause cracks in the Earth’s magnetosphere and open up portals for higher frequency energy to flow in. The ancient peoples knew this and that is why they always held ceremonies around this time.

She says “… just focus on creating more love in your world. If that becomes your focus you will guarantee that you are on the highest timeline going forwards. So many of us are coming together regularly in powerful groups to create something more beautiful than we have ever known. Every time we come together in like-minded groups we create an energetic hologram to add more form and substance to the Earth.  See every new wave of energy that comes in as a stepping stone towards a better world.”

red brown and yellow autumn leaves on tree

Whether you see the Autumn equinox through the eyes of an astronomer or an astrologer or both, it is also a time to be thankful for the abundance and fun of the long Summer days, it is a time to slow down, be less busy, enjoy the beauty of Autumn, and the cosy dark evenings, eat warm and nourishing soups and stews and for our yoga practices to have more yin and restorative practices to bring about the balance that we need in our lives.

woman doing yin yoga pose against wall

The first week of September we were extremely lucky to have Dr Kausthub Desikachar teaching about Yoga For Healing. His simple and beautiful summary to the weekend was:

1. Regulate your breathing
2. Delight in your life
3. Stay connected to the Divine in your heart

For those yogis of you with “The Heart of Yoga” by TKV Desikachar, you will find this summary in one of T. Krishnamacharya’s beautiful manuscripts, “Yoganjalisarum”  towards the end of the book.

The weekend also launched the Viniyoga Yoga Therapy training which will start next March at Dorchester Yoga and Therapy centre. You can read about this in the section below.

We hope you are enjoying your regular classes. If you haven’t got yourself back into your yoga stride for whatever reason, there are still places available in many classes. Please see the classes page on the website or drop us an email if you need help choosing the right class.

We have lots of wonderful nurturing workshops for you this Autumn.

Embrace the changes, enjoy the colours, the changes in nature, food, clothes, slow down and be kind to yourself.

As ever, the details are below and in the calendar – please check it!

With best wishes from Sharon and all the teachers and therapists at Dorchester Yoga and Therapy Centre

Viniyoga Therapy Training | UK | 2023 – 2025

Viniyoga® Therapy Training | UK | 2023 – 2025

This course will offer in-depth training in applying the holistic principles of Yoga as a complementary healing system. It is most suited for those who want to become Yoga Therapists and those who wish to develop individualised complementary Yoga Therapy processes for students with different ailments or health concerns.

By undergoing this intense three year training, students learn about the therapeutic aspects of Yoga so that they may facilitate others in the journey towards self-empowerment, healing and personal transformation. It will also provide trainees an excellent opportunity to develop their unique strengths as healers.

The main person delivering this training program will be Dr Kausthub Desikachar. This is the first ever Viniyoga Therapy Training offered in the UK! Please click on the link below for more information about this event


Classes, Courses and Workshops: October


Breathing and Yoga Nidra with Sharon Cox-Button

Yin Yoga Workshop with Chrissie Haskett

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali with Sarah Ryan

Iyengar Yoga with Cheree Low

Better Balance Beginning Pilates with Sharon Morgan

Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra with Sharon Cox-Button

Mini First Aid with Sue Fisher

Om Shanti/Kirtan with Magdalena Atkinson

Birth Preparation Workshop with Kim Jones

Restorative Yoga for Deep Rest with Tracey Boast

Saturday Soundbath with Bex Leonard

Gong Bath with Arianna Purna Udini

Shakti Dance with Magdalena Atkinson

It is not arrogant or egotistical to feel good inside.
You had nothing to do with it.
It’s simply the honest response to clearly perceived reality.
~ Erich Schiffman ~