Therapist Marj Snape

Following and exploring a profound spiritual yearning during Marj’s adult life led her to Yoga and Meditation, and two years ago she completed the Certificate in Ecumenical Spiritual Direction at the Franciscan International Study Centre in Canterbury.

marj snapes photoSpiritual Direction or accompaniment provides the opportunity to discuss privately and honestly the search for spiritual meaning in your life. Many of us question what this life is for, why we are here , do we have a soul, what happens when we die, is there a God?  We may be looking for greater depth or wholeness in our lives, or want to look at some troubling issue from a different perspective.

Spiritual Direction can offer a safe, non-judgemental space for you to explore these questions and also, through mutual conversation, guidance can be offered on developing a deeper spiritual and inner life. Marj practises meditation daily and is a regular church goer but these sessions are not aligned to any specific religious or spiritual tradition.

Therapist Jane Collison

Jane Collison photoHi, I’m Jane Collison and I’m really excited to join the team of therapists at DYTC.

I offer Systematic Kinesiology, Meridian Aromatherapy Massage and Nutritional Therapy.

I work with high-quality, food-state nutritional supplements, essential oils, Bach flower remedies, herbal extracts and other natural remedies to create balance where it’s needed so your body and mind can return to great health.

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Therapist Massage and Reiki Annabel Fox

annabel fox picture
I have always been interested in Complementary therapy and as a child was blessed with two grandmothers who were both into natural healing.

Long walks in the countryside, an interest in nature, good healthy home cooked food and homeopathy were among the principles I grew up with. I worked for many years in sales and marketing and learnt that city life and constant stress were not the path for me. It also taught me what stress does to the body and made me look at ways to overcome it.

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Therapist Medical Herbalist Caroline Butler

Caroline Butler photoI am a Medical Herbalist and give consultations at The Dorchester Yoga and Therapy Centre, as well as in Axminster, and in Bridport where I live.

Herbalists use plants or plant extracts as medicine to get to the root cause of people’s ill health as well as alleviate symptoms. Herbalism is both ancient and modern as traditional usage, tried and tested over centuries, merges with scientific research that gives new explanations for how herbs work.

I have a background in organic gardening, and came to herbalism through a love of plants.

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Therapist Hypnotherapist Matthew Griggs

What is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and how can it help?

By Matthew Griggs

This is the question I am often asked when people find out I am a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist, often quickly followed by will you “make me cluck like a chicken”! Well the answer to the second question is very definitely no, in fact modern clinical hypnotherapy couldn’t be further removed from the theatrical performances you may have seen at a theatre or on television.
I offer a free initial consultation, which lasts between 40 to 60 minutes so that I can properly answer the first question above, however in general terms this is the answer:

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Therapist Homeopath Zofia Dymitr

What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a system of medicine which involves treating you as an individual with highly diluted substances, given mainly in tablet form, which aim to trigger your body’s natural system of healing.

Based on your specific symptoms, I will match the most appropriate medicine for you. Because homeopathy is individualised, it can be used for patients with a range of conditions. For more information on homeopathy visit my register, the Society of Homeopaths’ website.

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Therapist Osteopath Jonathan Austin

image-2I am a Registered Osteopath, who works here at the Dorchester Yoga and Therapy Centre. I also work in Bridport and Weymouth, and provide Osteopathy on the NHS. I take a keen interest in observing fine movement patterns and how they are intertwined with posture, ergonomics and sports-related activities.

Being an Osteopath, I strive to approach treating my patients with a breadth, encompassing their lifestyles, psychological, anatomical and physiological perspectives. A core Osteopathic principle is to improve function, which often has the desired outcome of decreasing pain, discomfort and stiffness that derives from a musculoskeletal origin. Osteopathy involves techniques including soft tissue massage, mobilisation, manipulation, and a gentle form of osteopathy called cranial.

A bit about me – I am a keen tennis player where I have just competed in the National over 35 Tennis Championships, and finished runners-up representing Dorset. I also play Banjo and guitar in a local blues/folk band called Stealing Whiskey! I live in Dorchester with my wife and daughter.

Osteopathy can help with

  • aches and pains
  • chronic and acute low back pain
  • neck pain/headaches arising from neck -athritic pain
  • sciatica
  • shoulder and elbow pain
  • muscle spasms
  • sports injuries and tensions
  • joint pains from knee/hip osteoarthritis in association with other treatment for this condition

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