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Our previous newsletters

June 2024 Newsletter

Welcome to our June Newsletter Oh, do not tell the priest our plightFor he would call it a sinBut we’ve been out in the woods all night, a-conjuring summer inWe bring you good news by word of mouth,Good news for cattle and cornSure as the sun come up from the south,By Oak, and Ash, and…

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May 2024 Newsletter

May brings us Beltane, a genuinely ancient Celtic celebration marking the end of Winter and the birth of Summer, more recently celebrated as May Day. Unite and unite and let us all unite,For Summer is acome unto day,And whither we are going we will all unite,In the Merry morning of May” The Padstow May Night…

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April 2024 Newsletter

We hope you have had a lovely Easter Weekend. There is much-needed blue sky and sunshine out of the window as I write this. As much as I appreciate all weather, the rain has been very testing and we are all ready for some sunshine. Despite the weather, there are beautiful signs of Spring. Viniyoga…

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March 2024 Newsletter

We had the most wonderful full moon last week. Hopefully, you caught a glimpse of it between the rain clouds. For the past two weeks, my personal practice has been saluting the moon with the chant Om Somaya namaha. This refers to Lord Chandra, the deity of the moon. Chanting “Somaya” is said to invoke…

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February 2024 Newsletter

There are snowdrops appearing, and the daffodils and tulips are shooting closely behind. With the excitement of Spring just around the corner, there is also dismay of our natural environment suffering. Since the 1930s there has been a steady decline in biodiversity in this country. According to the charity Plantlife, 97% of UK wildflower meadows…

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January 2024 Newsletter

Happy new year to you all! I would like to start January’s newsletter with an ancient universal prayer, which is part of the Pavamana Mantra from the Brhadaranyaka Upanishad. The translation of the entire mantra is:  “Lead us from ignorance to knowledge, from darkness to light and from death to immortality.” It is used as a purifying prayer…

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