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Our previous newsletters

June 2022 newsletter

Happy June We have a busy June at The Dorchester Yoga and Therapy centre, but then it is a busy time of year as we fill all these long light days with activity! Make sure you get the right balance of yin and yang. Chrissie Haskett’s Yin workshop will do just that – “nurture the…

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May 2022 newsletter

Welcome to our May newsletter. To lighter days, more sunshine, blooming gardens,  and bank holidays! Our horse chestnut tree outside the window is at its most glorious!

As ever, the details are below and in the calendar – please check it! With best wishes from Sharon and all the teachers and therapists at Dorchester…

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April 2022 Newsletter

Despite unknown origins, Yoga was documented for the first time in the form of the Yogasutra, authored by the great Yogi Patanjali (we study this text once a month with Sarah Ryan). This text documents the entire philosophical system of yoga, exploring our deep psyche, and helps to facilitate personal and spiritual transformation. Yoga is…

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March 2022 Newsletter

Happy March. We have a wonderful Yoga Sangha at the yoga centre. Sangha is a Sanskrit  word that means company, or community or association. The shared sense of community amongst yoga practitioners has grown worldwide in recent years. This has helped novice yoga practitioners to assimilate more easily into the yoga culture, whilst seasoned yogis…

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February 2022 Newsletter

Happy February to you all. Although we are all waiting for the first signs of Spring, I thought I would share my lovely Amaryllis that I had for Xmas. The yoga centre and therapy rooms are busy and there is an air of optimism for more normal times. It feels like we may be heading…

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January 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to January 2022! We started the New Year with a wonderful Om Shanti Concert with Magdalena, chanting and drumming, shaking our shakers and relaxing to Magdalena’s beautiful voice; a very special and soulful way to begin the new year in the centre. Read more about the monthly Om Shanti Concert here We have a…

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