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Sharon Cox-Button

Sharon Cox-Button


Sharon Cox-Button is the owner of The Dorchester Yoga and Therapy Centre.

In 2001 Sharon consolidated her 20 years of personal yoga practice and qualified as a teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY), although the Iyengar Yoga system heavily influenced her personal practice at that time. She developed an interest in both pregnancy and post-natal yoga, whilst raising her three children, with further training with the BWY in those areas . At that time she was also a holistic masseuse and trained in Well Mother, IAIM baby massage and BWY Childrens yoga helping women (and partners) to look after their bodies and minds throughout pregnancy and into family life.

Sharon opened the yoga centre in 2015 and teaches well-established beginners  and intermediate classes for men and women. In 2015 she also completed a Yoga Therapy and Postgraduate Yoga Diploma with the Devon School of Yoga and since then has developed a keen interest in Restorative Yoga (Barefoot Diploma) and Yin Yoga, (studying with Bernie Clark). She discovered a love for chanting and yoga philosophy which she does with local teacher Sarah Ryan. Other training includes Yoga Nidra and Antar Mauna with the Satyananda Yoga Centre  

She was the British Wheel of Yoga Representative and Deputy for  Dorset for many years .

As well as her regular classes, she offers specialised one to one yoga sessions for individual needs, and yoga therapy, with a regular class for Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis, and Chair Yoga for those less able.

As the owner of Dorchester Yoga and Therapy Centre, it has been her intention to build a timetable that offers a wide range of classes for all different abilities and needs, as she has a  firm belief that yoga is for everyone.

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Mobile: 07742 821 937

Al Beales photo

Al Beales


Having discovered a weekly Kundalini class at the Dorchester Yoga centre, Al has recently trained with the Karam Kriya School of yoga (Level 1) and is a certified breath work instructor with Yoga LAP (registered with Yoga alliance).

The transformative power of yoga and breath work is a gift in these ever changing times. The only moment we have is the here and now and by connecting to the body we can learn to stay present.

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Mobile: 07471 000722

Arianna Moretti photo

Arianna Moretti


Arianna Moretti (Puran Udini Kaur) started Yoga at an early age, and went on to practise archer-poseHatha Yoga in her teens and twenties. She went to her first Kundalini class ‘because it was on at a convenient time’ in 2001 and was immediately struck by the benefits to her posture, her breathing and her emotions. She trained with Karam Kriya School, attaining Level 1 in 2008 and Level 2 in 2014. In addition she has also trained in Mastering the Addictive Personality. She loves sharing the technology of Kundalini Yoga and seeing the many benefits it brings people.

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Mobile: 07790 506 821

Chrissie Haskett photo

Chrissie Haskett


Chrissie qualified as a yoga teacher in 2014 with Sivananda after more than thirty years of attending classes, retreats and personal practise. More recently she completed further teacher training in Yin Yoga with Sarah Lo and has also assisted Sarah on a training course.

Chrissie trained in Shiatsu in the 1980’s and had a private practice in the Dorchester area for many years. She is also a Reiki teacher and loves passing this simple healing method on to others. Meditation and stillness are an important part of Chrissie’s daily life and form the foundation of her classes. Chrissie is very excited by Yin Yoga with its long held floor based postures which are designed to revive and invigorate the subtle energy or Chi, whilst simultaneously softening and creating space in the body. Mindful awareness of the breath, the emotions and any arising sensations in the body is encouraged throughout the class to slow down mental activity and to provide a time for quiet inward focus and stillness.

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Mobile: 07341 820 716


Helen Heger


I qualified as a teacher with British Wheel of Yoga in 2011, after over 30 years of attending classes as a student. I originally trained with Wendy Haring and have attended classes at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in Chennai on several occasions. In 2016 I completed a course on “Yoga for people living with cancer” with Julie Friedeburger. Since then I have given group classes and helped individuals in one to one sessions. 

My style of yoga is based around breathing well and exploring the capabilities of the body safely and slowly. My aim is for everyone to enjoy their pracitse whatever their level of experience of ability. I run classes for beginners and improvers, with a particular interest in teaching over 50.s 

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Mobile: 07958 042 131
Landline: 01305 267 174

Isabelle Taylor photo

Isabelle Taylor


Isabelle has been practising Yoga for the past twenty-five years and has been teaching since 2003. Her teacher training was initially with Godfrey Devereux and then with Jenny Beeken of the Inner Yoga Trust.She holds teaching diplomas with the British Wheel of Yoga, Windfire Yoga and the Independent Yoga Network. She is trained in Yoga Therapy with the Devon School of Yoga & has completed the British Wheel of Yoga Meditation Module. Isabelle is also a BWY Foundation Course tutor.

Her style of teaching includes dynamic sequences as well as held postures and breath awareness. This all within a flowing structure that encourages students to focus internally bringing a deep sense of completeness and relaxation. Isabelle’s teaching combines the precision of Iyengar with the flow and breath awareness of Ashtanga.

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Mobile: 07970 772 963
Yoga Sadhana website

Jez Culley doing yoga in front of some mountains

Jez Culley


Jez has been practising yoga for the past nineteen years and is passionate about sharing the benefits she has seen with others. Her personal practice has not only improved her physical health and fitness but additionally she has found benefit from the balancing effects on her mental and emotional wellbeing. She has deepened her spiritual knowledge through continued practice, study and training with the Himalayan Yoga Institute and enjoys taking part in kirtan, Kaoshikii dancing and chanting & meditation using Vedic mantras. Jez takes a holistic approach to yoga and incorporates asanas, breathing techniques, meditation, mindfulness and colour therapy techniques as appropriate. She is fully qualified to teach Raja Dhiraja yoga (yoga of the king of kings) having spent a month training in an ashram in the Himalayas.

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Mobile: 07580 169 622

Katie Pitney photo

Katie Pitney


I am excited and full of joy to have the opportunity to share Hatha Yoga with you! Hatha yoga is a steady slow practice which concentrates on meditation in movement and mindful breath work. 

Study of classical tradition and personal experience has informed me that our body is a map awaiting self discovery. Asana and pranayama are techniques which not only relax and invigorate the physical body but also enable us to unite this with mind and spirit. This harmony brings health and tranquility to our lives.

In 2017 yoga called me to the heart of India where I trained with The International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre. With this organisation I have volunteered and taught worldwide.   I believe in living a life free of judgement, filled with love and gratitude. This perspective informs and guides my teaching and personal practice, which is focused on helping us lovingly connect with ourselves and our greater community.

Mobile: 07398 497 663

Email: bodyofgrace108@gmail.com 

Website : www.bodyofgrace.co.uk

Kim Jones doing yoga in the countryside

Kim Jones


Kim has been practicing yoga for 17 years and qualified with Yoga Alliance in 2002 at Yoga Arts, Byron Bay, Australia then further training at Frog Lotus Yoga in the U.S.A. Whilst working as a post natal doula/maternity nurse and having her son Kim qualified with Birthlight in baby yoga and the British Wheel of Yoga pregnancy yoga module.Kim is also a Natal Hypnotherapy practioner offering 1-1 and group workshops. In addition to teaching pregnancy yoga here at the centre Kim will be offering restorative yoga and yoga for runners workshops.

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Mobile: 07990 501 207
Kim’s website

Kim Mackie in yoga pose on the beach at sunset

Kim Mackie


Kim’s interest in physical yoga started at the age of 18 while she was still dancing professionally. She developed a serious practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa about 10 years ago when she settled here in Dorset and now in her forties, a more appropriate Prānāyāma focused practice is being explored and experienced.  Kim studied with Lalit Kumar at the Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre, Goa, India (TT) and practised with Manju Jois (Primary Series TT), John Scott, Jane Piddington and Scott Johnson, regularly attending their courses and trainings. Kim has also completed a course in teaching yoga to children led by Susannah Hoffman at Triyoga, London with a view to starting her own Yoga school for children . Kim is always a student and practitioner first, so wishing to explore Yoga further, was drawn to the origins of Ashtanga as taught to Pattabhi Jois by Krishnamacharya. It was at a seminar with his grandson Dr Kausthub Desikachar, that Kim finally found her Teacher and Tradition. She is currently studying Viniyoga at the Krishnamacharya Yoga and Healing Foundation, Chennai, India with a view to completing her Yoga Therapy qualification whilst also continuing her Vedic Chanting and Patañjali Yoga Sūtra studies with Sarah Ryan (of the same tradition).  Kim currently teaches Led Ashtanga Vinyasa, a dynamic Āsana sequence based on the Primary Series, synchronising Body, Breath and Mind and Yoga for Teens

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Kim’s website
Mobile: 07990 978 949

Marj Snape photo

Marj Snape


Marj has been practising Yoga for 30 years and teaching in the Dorchester and Weymouth areas for over 15 years. She holds the British Wheel of Yoga Diploma and teaches Hatha Yoga in a meditative style with a combination of posture work, breathing, and relaxation. Marj believes that Yoga is accessible to people of all ages and has taught Yoga to 3 year olds and 90 year olds. In the past she has specialised in teaching Yoga to Children and Adults with Learning Difficulties. She now focuses on teaching meditation and the benefits of turning within to find peace and wholeness.

Marj trained with Derek Thorne and is a prominent member of the YogaLiving Community. She teaches meditation and Yoga in the Advaita Vedanta tradition . This is an ancient and authentic wisdom teaching which directs us to the oneness and truth underlying this whole experience.

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Mobile: 07769 949 947
Fordington Yoga website

Nancy Chantrell photo

Nancy Chantrell


Nancy completed the British Wheel of Yoga Diploma course with Derek Thorne and has taught yoga in Weymouth and Dorchester since 2001. She first encountered Yoga when taken to a class in Edinburgh by her mother when she was 17. Hooked, she has practised over the years with a variety of teachers.

She teaches classical Hatha Yoga in the tradition of Advaita Vedanta, incorporating posture work, breath, mantra and meditation. She is happy to teach all ranges of experience and prefers to keep the practice gentle, though not without some challenge!

Email Nancy
Mobile: 07956 534 152
Landline: 01305 750174


Natasha Hope


Natasha found yoga in an ashram in the foothills of the Himalayas, Nepal, back in 1998, and has continued her personal practice at dawn ever since. Yoga has been a huge asset and source of strength, enriching her days and enabling her to deal better with life’s twists and turns.

In 2018 she completed a Foundation course with The British Wheel of Yoga and has just completed 500 hour teaching diploma with the Devon School of Yoga. She is keen to continue with their holistic approach to teaching.. 

in 2019 she started teaching at the Wessex Traditional Martial Arts Gym in Weymouth and Corscombe Village Hall.

Natasha is also a keen Martial Artist, having taken up Goju Ryu karate back in 2011 with both her children. She is currently a Nidan (Second Dan black belt).

Natasha focuses on strength, awareness, compassion and the Inner Warrior in her teaching. She believes that by listening closely to what is right for our bodies, we connect more authentically to the needs of others, and to the world around us.

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Mobile: 07984 663 526

Sam Stevens


 Like many people I have dipped in and out of yoga over the years. I had always enjoyed yoga though never truly connected, but then I found DYTC and I found my teachers and that was it! The time was right for yoga to become a meaningful and necessary part of my life.

It is very hard to describe what a regular yoga practice, in all its forms, adds to how a person exists in and experiences the world. It is profound.

On my yoga journey (yes, I am using that word) I reached a place where I knew I needed to pass it on, as my teachers had to me. So a couple of years ago with a perfectly balanced mix of fear and excitement I began training with the British Wheel of Yoga. Completing my BWY 300hrs teaching training this year.

I continue to regularly practice a range of different classes, alongside an ongoing study of yoga history and philosophy. I also can’t resist a workshop.

I teach vinyasa style classes. Always challenging but accessible. Centred on the fundamental principle of the ‘flow within the flow’ –  Body, Breath, Focus.

My day jobs for many years as a nurseryman, plantswoman and gardener feed and fuel my yoga as does my love of herb and plant lore and the natural world.”

Email Sam
Mobile: 07484 831 090


Sharon Morgan


Sharon Morgan is a fully insured APPI Pilates Instructor, British Gymnastics coach, massage therapist, and outdoor learning educator.


The Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute training programme is recognised all over the world for its scientifically researched base and high quality instruction.

She believes in retraining and strengthening movement over time, bigging up the little steps – and enjoying the journey.

Further Training: Ante/Post Natal; Children and Teens; Neurological; Osteoporosis; Standing Pilates; First Aid; enhanced DBS and CPD.

Mobile: 07855 548 404
OSO Pilates website


Tim Button

Qi Gong and Tai Chi

Tim’s first interest in Chinese arts began in the early 1980s when he studied Kung Fu. He became one of the school’s senior students and was eventually invited to teach several classes for his Master. His teacher also taught Tai Chi and other “internal” martial arts and this is when Tim first developed his interest in Tai Chi.

Since then Tim has been able to study different styles of Tai Chi, including Yang and Sun styles. 

He has also been able to train in other internal fighting styles including Xing Yi Chuan, Yi Chuan and Bagua Zhang. Alongside these arts Tim has had a longstanding interest in Qi Gong. Most Chinese martial arts have elements of Qi Gong practices within them.

Married to Sharon, DTYC owner, Tim has also practised yoga for many years but these Chinese arts have been his passion and he has now decided to start teaching again thus enabling him to study more these arts more deeply. He still works full- time but is keen to develop his teaching in Qi Gong and Tai Chi. 

Tim is currently training with the Deyin Institute, an affiliate of the International Health Qi Gong Federation. Master Faye and Master Tary Yip have a direct lineage to the originators of the 24 Step and 42 Step competition Tai Chi routines as well as to Sun style Tai Chi. 

He is a qualified instructor with the British Health Qi Gong Association and the Deyin Institute .

Email Tim
Mobile: 07857 118 959

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Bex Leonard playing her crystal bowls

Bex Leonard

Sound Therapy

A simple way to describe a sound bath would be like going to a musical concert that you get to lie down for with crystal bowls, gongs or other earthly instruments. At the very least, it can be a completely passive experience where you just listen to the sounds and relax (some people fall asleep), or you can enter a deeper state of meditation while being bathed by the healing vibration (hence the name sound bath!).

This healing session is good for you physically and emotionally, helping to cure chronic pain and lessen anxiety, stress and depression. And as a bonus, it can spark creativity. 

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Sacred Crystal Tones and Healing UK Facebook page

Jane Collison photo

Jane Collison


Jane is accredited by the Kinesiology Association to teach Kinesiology to Diploma (professional) level. She has a busy Kinesiology clinic and also offers Aromatherapy Massage and Healing. Jane first started training in natural health in 1995 and is totally passionate about nutrition – she has run her own health food shop. 

Like most therapists, Jane became interested in Kinesiology because of how it helped her with her own health. When she experienced first-hand how it can change lives and transform wellbeing, she was hooked and enrolled on the Foundation course ‘just out of curiosity’. Five years later, she was teaching her own first Foundation course! Jane has teaching qualifications and a background in teaching other subjects. She is motivated to teach Kinesiology because if she can inspire others the way she was inspired, she can spread the word about how amazing Kinesiology is more effectively than through her one-to-one clinic. 

Whenever she can, Jane grabs time out and exercise on the sea – kayaking and SUP are her obsession. She is so grateful to Kinesiology – without it she would not have been fit and well enough to take them up at 50+

Email Jane
Mobile: 07961 184 753
Equilibre Health website

Sarah Ryan smiling photo

Sarah Ryan


Sarah has been fascinated by yoga since 1970. She worked with various teachers and became a teacher trainer for the British Wheel of Yoga before discovering the teachings of Krishnamacharya and his son TKV Desikachar in the ’80s.

Since then she has studied in that tradition, principally with Paul Harvey, TKV Desikachar himself, and his son Kausthub.She also teaches Vedic chanting, which helps deepen yoga practice and complements it. She loves going deeper into yoga’s beautiful teachings, gradually understanding more. She continues to visit India regularly for different courses, and has also completed a 4-year Yoga Therapy Programme with the Krishnamacharya Yoga and Healing Foundation. As Sarah has trained not only as a yoga teacher, but also as a yoga therapist, her classes are ideal if you have specific problems, as she can help you do what is best for you.

Email Sarah
Landline: 01258 839 230

Sue Fisher photo

Sue Fisher

Mini First Aid

Somerset-based Sue has worked in healthcare – commercial and clinical – her entire professional life. With 2 young children she is well aware that from adventuring in the woods and play areas to being in the garden and at home, there are many potential dangers to your family.

Covering the town, country and remote areas of Somerset, Dorset & Wilts. Sue is passionate that the skills taught by Mini First Aid can, literally, be life saving. One day they may even be essential for those crucial minutes before the Emergency Services can arrive.

Mobile: 07890 400 461
Mini First Aid website

Tracey Boast photo

Tracey Boast


My yoga journey began 18 years ago whilst living and working in London. I soon realised that I had always enjoyed practising many yoga shapes and arm balances which my dad taught me as a child. Over the years I have been curious about lots of yoga styles and continue to enjoy a balance of active and restorative practises.

Following bereavement and burnout, I felt drawn to more restorative and yin styles of yoga in my personal daily practice and was inspired to do further teacher trainings to learn more about these powerful healing forms of yoga. I remain passionate about self-care through gentle and restorative yoga practices and am inspired to share the practice of yoga to enhance awareness of breath, embodied movement and conscious deep rest.

I first qualified in Sivananda Hatha yoga with Yoga Alliance and have since specialised my teaching in Restorative and Yin Yoga. In 2018 I qualified in Level 2 Advanced Therapeutic Restorative Yoga and Level 3 Therapeutic Yin Yoga. I continue to study and assist my teachers Judith Hanson Lasater and Sarah Lo along with other influential teachers.

Email: tbnottinghill@hotmail.co.uk
Mobile: 07792150811