Welcome to the Dorchester Yoga and Therapy Centre

We are in the centre of Dorchester with two large, fully equipped yoga studios and two therapy rooms.

We offer a range of classes, including yoga, tai chi and pilates, at different times of the day to suit different abilities and interests. We have a great range of experienced teachers offering different yoga disciplines for all interests and abilities.


Regular classes for a wide range of abilities and interests

Workshops &Events
Workshops &

Go deeper in specific sessions with a wide range of experienced teachers


Explore topics over a series of sessions to broaden and deepen your experience

If you are new to yoga and need some advice on what type of class would suit you, look at the classes page for more information, or the list of teachers, or contact us directly and we will be happy to help.

Family classes

All things children and parenting
From Baby Massage to Teens’ Yoga

Explore our therapies

We host a wide range of therapies from experienced therapists in our smaller, more intimate spaces for individual or group work

Latest news

October 2019 newsletter

We have got off to a very busy autumn term at the centre. We have a new Kinesiology training in progress with Jane Collison, Finding Stillness with Marj, an Introduction to Meditation is underway, Annabel Fox has just finished a Reiki One training and our teachers are all back from their holidays and our full… Read More

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July 2019 newsletter

My word, what a busy month we have had, filling those long days of sunlight, (well light unfortunately no sun!)  June 21st was International Yoga Day and we had a wonderful night on Friday with free classes from 5:15 – 9:30pm. Thank you to all the teachers for offering their time freely and making such… Read More

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June 2019 newsletter

Our format this month is not its usual slickness as Ed my newsletter editor is moving house, so it’s a bit rough and ready but the content is fabulous as always! Friday June 21st is International Yoga day and we would like to share this special day with you by inviting you to a free… Read More

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May 2019 newsletter

The horse chestnut tree is looking fabulous as it casts its dappled shade into the studios and reminds us of the passing of the seasons. The newly formed buds have literally doubled in size every day over the past few weeks, and now the leaves are at their most luscious!!

This… Read More

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April 2019 newsletter

Welcome to our April newsletter! Thank you to all those who came to our Natural Therapies Open Day, and thank you to our practitioners who gave their time freely. It was a wonderful day, with absolutely fascinating talks and wonderfully healing experiences. Here are a selection of photos from the day:

As… Read More

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The Dorchester Yoga and Therapy Centre is run by Sharon Cox-Button. Read Sharon’s biography.