Courses & workshops

International Yoga Day: Free events all day: Tuesday 21st June

Soon we will reach Mid -Summer; the longest day of the year, and the day that yoga is celebrated all around the world.

All our classes are free on International Yoga day.

We will list them here soon ūüôā

We hope you will come along and join us and bring your friends and family!

Please contact the workshop teacher for bookings and further information – their details are listed in the course information:

Baby Massage Course

Six week baby massage courses are suitable for all babies from birth to 1 year old and their parents or primary caregivers. Some of the benefits of attendance are:

  • Helping your baby to feel securely attached and loved
  • Enjoying focused time with your baby
  • Developing your baby‚Äôs body awareness and coordination
  • Stimulating your baby‚Äôs circulation, digestion and nervous system
  • Socializing with other parents and babies in a welcoming and supportive environment
  • Developing your baby‚Äôs social skills
  • Learning to relax whilst having fun, and learning a life-long parenting skill

The course was developed by the International Association of Infant Massage; for more information about the IAIM please visit

The classes are small and supportive, and the relaxed atmosphere includes time for informal discussion between parents. Please do not worry about class times coinciding with sleep or feeding times, babies are welcomed as babies, and are expected to cry, sleep, need cuddling, feeding and changing.

  • Teacher: Sharon Cox-Button
  • Time: Thursdays 11.30 -12.45pm
  • Dates: 12th 19th 26th May, 9th 16th 23rd June
  • Cost: ¬£69.00
  • Email Sharon
  • Mobile: 07742821937

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Explore Pilates

Are you or someone you know recovering from Covid, injury or life in general? Our five-week Explore Pilates programme is designed specifically for men and women of any age who may be uncertain about returning to or starting Pilates for the first time, or simply aiming to develop a good base from which to progress.  This gentle, progressive course may also be suitable for anyone living with early-stage memory loss or a chronic illness, including long Covid.

Each course starts with a free taster class, followed by a block of four paid sessions.  Regular attendance helps build confidence within ourselves and within the group. It also aids muscle and cognitive memory as our bodies and minds retrain posture and functional movement. For this reason, late enquiries will be added to the next course, subject to availability.

  • Teacher: Sharon Morgan
  • Dates: Spring Course: 27th April (free taster session) ‚Äď 25th May 2022
  • Cost: ¬£30.00
  • Contact Sharon

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Exploring Our Energy Centres

The Yogin-s understood the human body differently from us. They saw it as a complex physiological structure, and as an intricate subtle body, with major energy centres known as Cakra-s, linked together by subtle channels called NńĀŠłćńę-s. They believed that each Cakra is associated with vital physiological and emotional functions, so that any imbalance could result in physiological and emotional illness, and vice versa. They developed the multiple tools of Yoga which, when appropriately used, can re-harmonise the cakra-s and which are powerful allies in the path of health and expansion of hidden potential.

This three-day immersion course will provide a solid platform for serious practitioners to explore the topic of Cakra-s in depth. Profound practices focused on each cakra will be offered. Dr. Kausthub Desikachar is known for his remarkable knowledge and his ability to present the ancient teachings in a way that is both profound and applicable for modern day practitioners. 

Kausthub is an amazing yoga therapist who has helped many people around the world with problems ranging from a bad back, migraine and insomnia, to depression, anxiety and trauma. He will be able to see people for individual consultations on June 8th and 9th. These sessions will cost £70.

In addition, on Friday evening he will offer Vedic Chants for Peace (donations to charity), and on Saturday evening he will give a free lecture on his 3-year yoga therapy course, which he hopes to run again in 2023.

To book, for the seminar, for an individual session, and for Friday and Saturday evenings, please email Sarah Ryan (, including your full name and phone number.

  • Teacher” Dr Kausthub Desikacahr
  • Dates: 10th, 11th, 12th June
  • Times: 9.30-5.00pm
  • Cost:¬†¬†¬£350 and is open to all. However, places are limited, so early booking is advised.
  • To book or for more information please email Sarah Ryan:¬†

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Gong Sound Bath

The Vernal Equinox traditionally marks the start of Spring and is a time of balance, increased light and hope. Right now it seems as if the whole world is transforming before out eyes, and it can be easy to feel helpless, overwhelmed or anxious about the pace of change. This Gong Bath will be specifically geared towards helping to release our fears, our outmoded patterns which keep us stuck in the past, and help restore our sense of balance and hope while we adjust. We’ll soothe the nervous system, help the body deeply relax, and elevate the vibration so we can begin to live at a higher, more healthy frequency. 
‚ÄúThe mind has no power to resist a Gong that is well played.‚ÄĚ
During the session, we will practise some simple Kundalini Yoga to stretch, energise and prepare the body, followed by a meditation to clear and quieten the mind. I play the Gong while you lay down and relax and let the sound do its work. Loose, comfortable clothing which is easy to move and stretch in should be worn. Please bring your own mat and a blanket, as well as water to drink. 
Please note that Gong baths are not recommended during pregnancy, for those with severe mental health issues, epilepsy or pacemakers Рdo contact me for more information.

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Introduction To Yoga Therapy

A free lecture on Yoga as a therapeutic tool and about his 3 year yoga therapy course which he hopes to run in 2023

  • Teacher: Dr Kausthub Desikachar
  • Date: Saturday 11th June
  • Time: 5.30-6.30pm
  • Cost: Free
  • Please contact Kim Mackie to book a place:
  • Mobile: 07990 978 949
  • Email:

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Iyengar Yoga Workshop

Cheree is a certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor who holds a Level 3 certificate. She began practising and later teaching yoga in the greater Dallas area , USA before relocating to Bournemouth, UK. Cheree’s  teaching is characterised by her enthusiasm and humour, encouraging students to refine their practice to develop awareness and intelligence in the mind and body. Her classes are dynamic and precise, while sensitive to the needs of all students.

  • Teacher: Cheree Low
  • Dates:
    • Saturday 21st May 2.00-5.00pm
  • Cost: ¬£25.00
  • Please email to book a place

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Kirtan /Om Shanti-Interactive Concert

Hearts open when all co-create the soundscape together – with singing and drumming, chanting and dancing.

Welcome to a live soulful event with chanting, music making and being together! 

What to expect? Magdalena’s Interactive ¬†Concerts and workshops are the unique original blend of Magdalena‚Äôs ¬†spiritual music woven into the community spirit. Nothing touches us more ¬†deeply individually or collectively then being fully engaged in a ¬†joyous & positive activity. Interactive concerts have been created on ¬†the foundation of this principle. The structure of the concert falls between a chanting / kirtan category and concert with audience participation.

During the  concert  you can choose how much you want to participate, by listening, singing or playing together. Everyone has an opportunity to be fully engaged, invited to join with a voices and rhythms. Magdalena performs her music and skillfully  teaches her original chants and songs to the audience, gradually  introducing more instruments and more freedom of expression. She creates  a thriving environment, leading all to the community music making, full  of exuberant joy and healing.

Watch a video about Magdalena’s Interactive Concerts:

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Mini First Aid

Award Winning Baby & Child first aid class for parents and carers.
The 2 hour class covers CPR, choking, bumps, burns, breaks, bleeding, febrile seizures & meningitis awareness.

  • Teacher: Sue Fisher
  • Date:
    • coming soon!
  • Time: 12.30-2.30pm
  • Cost: ¬£20.00
  • Email Sue
  • Mobile: 07890 400 461
  • ¬†


We run regular NCT Birth Preparation classes with local teachers  throughout the year. Please contact the National Organisation to book onto  a course

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Pilates Masterclass- Flexibility

Deep dive into improving mobility, balance, flexibility and strength around joints. This session is not suitable for hypermobility syndrome disorders.

  • Teacher: Sharon Morgan
  • Date: 26th June
  • Time 10.00-11.30am
  • Cost: ¬£15.00
  • Mobile: 07855 548404
  • Email:


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Reiki Share

The Japanese word ‚ÄėReiki‚Äô literally translates as universal life force energy. This system of healing was developed by Mikao Usui the early 20th century. It is a non-invasive complementary therapy that has been taught and used in the UK since the late 1900s, but Eastern medicine has for thousands of years worked with this energy, recognising its flow through all living things. Reiki supports orthodox medicine or can be used alone but is not a replacement for traditional medication or treatments. It is not based on any belief, faith or suggestion, yet, scientific research using quantum physics is starting to help us to understand how Reiki healing may work to benefit the individual. It has been suggested that in years to come it may be known as energy medicine based on scientifically measurable energy emitted from the practitioner‚Äôs hands.

A reiki share is a gathering to give and receive Reiki in a casual atmosphere of friendship, honour, positive energy and devotion.If you are new to Reiki and interested in joining please contact Karen. The class will be led by Reiki Masters Karen Giles and Wrio Russell. TheReiki Share is held every two months, the last Saturday of the month.

  • Teachers: Karen Giles and Wrio Russell
  • Dates:
      • 28th May
      • 30th July
      • 24th September
      • 26th November
  • Time: 2.00-3.30pm
  • Cost: ¬£5.00
  • Email:
  • Mobile: Karen ¬†07880 353260

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Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra

Nurture yourself using Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra. Through passive and supported stretching using bolsters, blocks, chairs and blankets the body is given time to unwind, the breath to slow and the mind to become present. This will be followed by the practice of yoga nidra, a systematic method of inducing complete mental, emotional and physical relaxation with body scan and breath awareness. Suitable for all and particular if you are very tired, stressed or recovering from illness. This extended class will finish with tea and delicious, healthy cake from Feed the Soul.

  • Teacher: Sharon Cox-Button
  • Dates:These workshops are throughout Autumn and Winter and will resume again in October.
  • Cost:¬†¬£28.00¬†
  • Email Sharon
  • Mobile: 07742 821 937
  • ¬†

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Saturday Soundbath Meditation

Come and join Rebecca for a transformational experience with cosmic gongs and crystal tone sound healing bowls with an variety of other sacred healing instruments for a cosmic journey through different soundscapes to take you deep into your own conscious exploration experience.
Rest your eyes and drift into the blissful cocoon created by the wave of harmonics from the gongs, Himalayan & crystal bowls & chimes,

  • 32″ Symphonic gong
  • 32‚ÄĚ Chau Gong
  • 30‚ÄĚ Sun Gong

Listen to a wide spectrum of Pure Quartz Crystal Singing bowls, Tibetan bowls
and experience a Guided meditation.

Everything you see is in a state of vibration, including us and we are constantly influenced by heard and unheard sound frequencies.
Sound has the capability to affect how we feel and heal here are just a few reasons why a sound bath will be good for you

  • Heals your body by reducing stress and anxiety. …
  • Impacts the human nervous system and decreases blood pressure. …
  • Helps tune out your thoughts and tune in your meditation. …
  • Allows you to open up and reconnect with yourself . …
  • Makes you more relaxed, balanced, and focused.

 I’d like to give you this opportunity to take advantage of bringing along someone special at an investment of £25 per couple. (Usually £15pp)

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Shakti Dance – Yoga of Dance

Shakti Dance is an invitation to look inside yourself and see how to become more creative – in your movements and thoughts – to be in tune with the desires of your soul. Let your body discover how good it feels to be fully awaken, filled with this creative energy!
Shakti Dance is a practice inspired by the wisdom of yoga, combining the awareness of your body, mind and spirit. It uses yoga postures (asanas), different dance styles and free movement. On an energetic level, Shakti Dance helps to develop your intuition, to release blocks in your energy system and to experience mystical states.
My Shakti Dance workshops are enriched by my music, singing and playing different instruments (guitar, dulcimer, drums). I also combine them with astrology, Gene Keys and personal development, taking you on a very special and personal spiritual journey.




Vedic Chants For Peace

Dr Kausthub Desikacahr teaches chanting and mantra in the lineage of his father and grandfather Yogacharya Sri T Krishnamarcharya and TKV Desikachar, who followed Vedic traditions and  practiced  mantra,  one of the most powerful tools of healing.  It is a tool that can calm your mind and increase self-awareness, and has a direct physiological effect on the body. Dr. Kausthub Desikachar will share some of the powerful mantras as practiced in the classical Viniyoga tradition. Come and listen to these amazing chants.


  • Teacher Dr Kausthub Desikachar
  • Date: Friday 10th June
  • Time: 5.30-6.30pm
  • Cost: Free, but please book so we know numbers
  • Please contact Kim Mackie to book a place:
  • Mobile: 07990 978 949
  • Email:

 Summer Yin Yoga

Treat your body, mind and spirit to a gentle afternoon of Yin Yoga focusing on balancing and supporting your energy during the season of summer. Working with slow, long held, floor based poses and an awareness of our breath, we will nurture the energy of the Fire Element, the Element of Summer in the Traditional Chinese system of medicine and its related Meridians, Heart, Small Intestine, Heart Protector and Triple Heater. The session will conclude with a long relaxation accompanied by the sound of crystal singing bowls.

  • Teacher: Chrissie Haskett
  • Date:
    • Saturday 18th June
  • Time: 2.30-5.00pm
  • Cost: ¬£20.00
  • Email:
  • Mobile: 07341820716

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