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Our previous newsletters

June 2022 newsletter

Happy June We have a busy June at The Dorchester Yoga and Therapy centre, but then it is a busy time of year as we fill …
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May 2022 newsletter

Welcome to our May newsletter. To lighter days, more sunshine, blooming gardens,  and bank holidays! Our horse chestnut tree outside the window is at its most …
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April 2022 Newsletter

Despite unknown origins, Yoga was documented for the first time in the form of the Yogasutra, authored by the great Yogi Patanjali (we study this …
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March 2022 Newsletter

Happy March. We have a wonderful Yoga Sangha at the yoga centre. Sangha is a Sanskrit  word that means company, or community or association. The shared sense …
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February 2022 Newsletter

Happy February to you all. Although we are all waiting for the first signs of Spring, I thought I would share my lovely Amaryllis that I …
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January 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to January 2022! We started the New Year with a wonderful Om Shanti Concert with Magdalena, chanting and drumming, shaking our shakers and relaxing to …
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December 2021 Newsletter

Hello and welcome to our December newsletter We have made it to the end of a precarious year, and like many others we are extremely glad …
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November 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to our November newsletter If you hold your thumb at arm’s length up to the starts at night, there are 4 million galaxies that …
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October 2021 newsletter

Welcome to October 🙂 The Dorchester Yoga and Therapy Centre opened its doors in November 2015. From  almost the beginning there has been a regular monthly meeting …
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September 2021 newsletter

Welcome to September. We hope you have found time to escape your normal routine, and have enjoyed some  Summer fun, either by relaxing, or being …
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July 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to our July newsletter. The Fire element is associated with the season of Summer, and combined with coming out of lockdown… WOW!… all that energy! There …
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June 2021 newsletter

We are open!!! And it is wonderful!! Throughout lockdown many of our therapists and counsellors have been continually working to offer their skills and support, and …
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