Therapist Marj Snape

Following and exploring a profound spiritual yearning during Marj’s adult life led her to Yoga and Meditation, and two years ago she completed the Certificate in Ecumenical Spiritual Direction at the Franciscan International Study Centre in Canterbury.

marj snapes photoSpiritual Direction or accompaniment provides the opportunity to discuss privately and honestly the search for spiritual meaning in your life. Many of us question what this life is for, why we are here , do we have a soul, what happens when we die, is there a God?  We may be looking for greater depth or wholeness in our lives, or want to look at some troubling issue from a different perspective.

Spiritual Direction can offer a safe, non-judgemental space for you to explore these questions and also, through mutual conversation, guidance can be offered on developing a deeper spiritual and inner life. Marj practises meditation daily and is a regular church goer but these sessions are not aligned to any specific religious or spiritual tradition.